Sunday, February 9, 2014


Monotonashhfuck was a band from Richmond, VA prior to City of Caterpillar. As far as I could find out, Brandon Evans (City of Caterpillar, Pg.99, Ghastly City Sleep) and Ryan Parrish (City of Caterpillar, Darkest Hour, Verse En Coma etc.) were in Monotonashhfuck. Chris from Pg.99 may have played in this band too, I don't know exactly though.

Hardly any other information about the band can be found on the internet. They released a demo or two? The one I posted may not actually be a demo and may not have been released in 1999. Who knows? What's sure is that musically, Monotonashhfuck are close to City of Caterpillar and that's an awesome thing, isn't it?

Demo (1999)
I couldn't be bothered to find out the names of these songs, seeing that at least two songs with proper titles are on Youtube. 
01. 1
02. 2
03. 3
04. 4
05. 5
06. 6
07. 7

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  1. thank you for posting this! I played in Monotonashhfuck and I don't even have a copy of our recordings!