Saturday, February 8, 2014

Bob Tilton

The last few posts were American bands, now it's time to post a European band. Bob Tilton came from Nottingham, UK and existed between 1993 and 1999. They were one of the leading bands in the European emo scene and have defined its sound to a large extent. Their sound was something that stood out for itself. Think of Moss Icon, Indian Summer, Still Life and so on.

Butterfly from the Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch 7"

Bob Tilton & Reiziger (1999)
01. Bob Tilton - The Leading Hotels Of The World (Remix)
02. Reiziger - Aren't We Detecting Part 2
03. Reiziger - Satan Fears Reiziger

The Leading Hotels Of The World (1999)
01. Famous Lines From Famous Movies
02. Nashville
03. Beach Combing
04. Run Horsey Run
05. He Was A Lamb
06. The Leading Hotels Of The World
07. You Look Like Sal Mineo
08. The Perfect Work Of Art
09. Every Kind Thought

Crescent (1996)
01. Ghost
02. She Sings But Once
03. Butterscotch
04. September
05. A Song About Killing
06. Be My Valentine
07. Crescent
08. Tonight We Will Follow Him Down
09. Palm Reading

Peel Sessions (1995)
01. Palm Reading
02. Be My Valentine
03. A Song About Killing
04. Butterfly/Orchard Bare

Songs Of Penknife And Pocket Watch (1995)
01. Of Penknife And Pocket Watch
02. Butterfly
03. Lilac
04. The Orchard Bare

Wake Me Up When It's Springtime Again (1994)
01. My Very Own Rope
02. Ring O' Roses
03. Veronica
04. Gears Turn (It Just Repeats)

Demo (1993)
01. Well Hung Christ
02. Pronounced Hollow
03. My Very Own Rope