Sunday, January 12, 2014

In Loving Memory

In Loving Memory were a screamo/emo violence band from Des Moines, Iowa that existed between 1998 and 2001. The band had influences ranging from Saetia to Jeromes Dream, and were known for their intense live performances. Members were also invovled in The Spirit of Versailles, Rue Morgue, Drop to Zero and so on. If you really want to read something further about the band, click here.

Who You Enthrall

Examination Of The... / In Loving Memory (2001)
01. Examination Of The... - She's No Stitch
02. Examination Of The... - The Cubist
03. In Loving Memory - This Closely Resembles The Knife In Your Hand And In My Back
04. In Loving Memory - Yeah I Burned All Our Old Pictures

As Years Pass And Feel Like Seconds (2000)
01. This Is Ours
02. Who You Enthrall
03. Moments Like These
04. Open The Door For Me
05. The Choice Has Always Been Yours
06. There's So Much To Say
07. I Burned It Down
08. Caught Up In The Most Simple Of Things
09. Remember
10. Tonight I Scream For You

Black Market Fetus Vs. In Loving Memory (2000)
01. Black Market Fetus - Working World
02. Black Market Fetus - Wanderlust
03. Black Market Fetus - Rotting
04. Black Market Fetus - Unite And Fight
05. Black Market Fetus - Starvation
06. In Loving Memory - Song #1
07. In Loving Memory - Song #2 (One Fate Fraught Night Back In '91)
08. In Loving Memory - Song #3 (Who You Enthrall)
09. In Loving Memory - Song #4 (Remember)

Demo (2000)
01. Song #1
02. Song #2 (One Fate Fraught Night Back In '91)
03. Song #3 (Who You Enthrall)
04. Song #4 (Remember)

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