Saturday, January 25, 2014

All I Ask

Here is a pre-Orchid band. Geoff Garlock and Jayson Greene played in All I Ask before they went on to form one of the most notable screamo bands; Orchid. All I Ask put out a 7" and a split 7" with Joshua Fit For Battle. Definitely a band not many people know about. They cannot be compared to Orchid that much. Check out for yourself. If you dig Orchid, this might be interesting to you.

Never Understood from the 7"

All I Ask & Joshua Fit For Battle (1999)
01. All I Ask - Beneath Bruised Knees
02. Joshua Fit For Battle - Song #6

7 Inches Of Piss And Vinegar (1997)
01. Choking On Destiny
02. Never Understood
03. Debocle

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  1. These last few posts have been amazing, good to see some recent activity. By any chance do you have anything by Kanaris? I've been searching for their stuff for years now.