Thursday, November 14, 2013

Ten Boy Summer

Ten Boy Summer were a shortlived emo band (1993/1994). They did a brief US tour and released a cheap demo tape (15$ for recording and mastering). They were also featured on the A Food Not Bombs Benefit LP. The most famous member is Davey von Bohlen, who would later play in Cap'n Jazz and The Promise Ring.

The History of Blank Pages from the Benefit LP / Demo

Demo (1993)
01. Life Expectancy
02. The Reasons I Don't Talk
03. Bearskin
04. Vocal Extraction Of Confusion And The Reknown Tools Of Guaranteed Satisfaction
05. New Crap No. 637
06. The History Of Blank Pages And The Conscious Decision To Discontinue The Tradition Our Gender Has Been Plagued With
07. Prom Dance


  1. Can't wait to check dis shizz out. Glad you are back and keep up the good fight!

  2. I guess I'm the most infamous...