Friday, January 25, 2013


Okay, it's been a while since I posted something here, I apologize. I'll try to post more this year.

Montcalm was a shortlived band somewhen between 2003 and 2004 with Ampere's vocalist Stephen Pierce  on the guitars and vocals. They released a demo and two splits with Deadseraphim (four songs from the demo) and The Kodan Armada. I haven't found an actual picture of the band, sorry.

I think at some parts there are some similarities between Ampere's sound and Montcalm's sound. But other than that, I think there's something more to Montcalm. I'd say every song is different in its own, you'll get influences from Moss Icon to Saetia to Indian Summer and so on. Listen for yourself, you won't be disappointed.

Two from the Demo / Deadseraphim Split

The Kodan Armada/Montcalm (2004)
01. The Kodan Armada - No Has Never Had 3 Letters
02. The Kodan Armada - Bullshit Buffet
03. Montcalm - I Stopped Believing In Existence

Demo (2004)
01. One
02. Two
03. Three
04. Four
05. Sacrifice (Rudimentary Peni cover)
06. Six

Deadseraphim/Montcalm (2003)
01. Deadseraphim - In Loving Memory
02. Deadseraphim - But Dude You're Missing The Point... They're Rollerblades
03. Deadseraphim - Instrumental
04. Deadseraphim - Their Bathroom's No Good For Doing Coke
05. Deadseraphim - Mcavity, Mcavity, There's Nothing Like Mcavity
06. Deadseraphim - Sure Thing Coach, HIKE!
07. Deadseraphim - Outro
08. Montcalm - Six
09. Montcalm - Four
10. Montcalm - One
11. Montcalm - Two


  1. I can't get you a picture... but here is two videos:

    The first was one of our earliest shows and the second turned out to be (not necessarily on purpose) our last show...

  2. Correction... here ARE two videos.