Friday, January 25, 2013

L'invention de morel

As you possibly know, I am obsessed with emo/screamo from France. Some of these bands remain really unkown and a hidden secret, but I'll try to uncover as much as possible.

L'invention de morel remain some kind of a secret still. I don't know more than they recorded and released a demo tape in 1996 that was supposedly released as a 7" by Unfortune The Fortunate Records. All I know is that the drummer Thomas also played in Ananda, Jasemine and Finger Print. How much of an awesome (irrelevant) fact is that? The music is what you'd expect from France in the mid 90's - beautiful desperation.

No picture of the band available. Obscurity.

Une ligne from the Demo

Demo (1996)
01. Je deviandrai souverain
02. L'univers
03. Une ligne
04. Tangente
05. S'approprier

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