Sunday, September 9, 2012

Thrill Of Confusion

Thrill Of Confusion are yet another French emo band from the 90's. The band released a s/t 7" in 1995 (which was distributed by Stonehenge Records) and contributed a song to the Reconstruction compilation. The drummer Mickael went on to play in Ananda. As usual it's hardly possible to find more detailled information.

A really good comparison would be Finger Print or Jasemine, only that the vocals are less harsh and hysteric. The lyrics are - like from any other French band from this decade and as the image above indicates - very socially and politically oriented.

Dreamy Forest from the s/t 7"

Thrill Of Confusion (1995)
01. To End In Smoke
02. Dreamy Forest
03. Extend My Dream
04. Wrapped In Her Thoughts

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