Saturday, September 8, 2012

Petit Printemps

Petit Printemps were an emo band from France in the 90's. The band released a 5-song demo tape and that's about it already. Beautiful and calm melodies go together with spoken vocals until the music bursts out and the singer screams at the top of his lungs, as desperate as it gets. I think in comparison to other emo bands, the French lyrics come really into play here and make it sound even more beautiful.

After the break up, members went on to play in Loisirs, Jaïlma, Fireball, Friendly Fire, Nagasaki Necroraiser and Narodnaia Volia. Probably a few more bands.

Un rêve from the Demo CS

Demo (1993)
01. Début
02. Figé
03. La plus belle des raisons
04. Rapports
05. Un rêve
06. Une histoire
07. Fin

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