Saturday, September 8, 2012


Here's an absolutely beautiful band that a friend of mine recommended to me.

Ember was a 90's emo band from the Czech Republic with members that would later go on to Lvmen. The band put out two records on Day After Records, one in 1995 and one in 1997.

The 7" was more hardcore punk oriented and maybe even a bit metallic influenced. The 12" however is emo at its best. Embassy-esque melodic structures mixed with the intense minor edge distorted chords of a band like Shotmaker then add a huge Still Life influence so that the songs all last about 7 minutes each. The vocals are what really got me into this band though.

I Am Not from the Seven Samurai LP

Seven Samurai (1997)
01. ?
02. Dreamflower
03. Maybe...Sometimes...Maybe
04. I Am Not
05. Winterlove
06. Nomen Illi Mors

One Cell Will Become Two (1995)
01. Inside
02. Insecure
03. Regret

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