Friday, September 7, 2012


I just heard Closure for the first time and felt the urge to post this on my blogspot right away.

Closure was an emo band from Oceanside, New York, who was around in the 90’s. They played a style of frantic emo with driving guitars and somewhat high-speed drumwork, topped off with desperate screamed vocals. They released a split 7” with Breakwater, a full length LP and contributed a track to the compilation I Can’t Live Without It.

Sebastian from the Self Titled LP

Self Titled (1997)
01. KM
02. Sebastian
03. Silhouetted
04. Inferno
05. Time Off
06. Untitled

Breakwater/Closure (1995)
01. Breakwater - Eleven
02. Closure - Servant To Silence
03. Closure - The Children's Crusade

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