Thursday, August 9, 2012

Various Artists - Illiterate

The Illiterate compilation LP was put out by Ebullition Records in 1995. It is an all-European bands compilation. Here's what Kent McClard from Ebullition Records says about this release:

In September of 1992 Downcast and I did a full European tour. While on the tour we played with dozens of exciting European bands, and we met a ton of inspiring people. When the tour was over I decided to do a compilation of all European bands. Most of the bands that ended up on the compilation played shows with Downcast. My hope was to try to expose some of these great European bands to American audiences.

The Illiterate compilation LP comes with a 32 page booklet. Half of the booklet consists of band pages and lyrics, and the other half is a collection of writings that I did between 1990 and 1993. I was very proud of these writings. They were extremely personal, and while some of the context may have been too subtle I still enjoy reading them and am very glad that I was able to publish these words. 

01. Married To A Murderer - Soul Search Critique
02. Gnezl Drei - Ever
03. Blindfold - Affection
04. Finger Print - Numero Douze
05. Abolition - Love
06. Voorhees - A New Disease
07. Golgatha - Repititions
08. Wounded Knee - Wake Up
09. Ivich - J'y pense et puis j'oublie
10. Nothing Remains - In The Fog
11. Condense - What's In My Blood
12. Hypercritical Society - Misuse
13. Ego Trip - I Wish I Was Dead
14. Kina - La loro liberta'

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