Thursday, August 9, 2012

Various Artists - 3/12/93

3/12/93 is a 7" compilation put out by Ebullition Records in 1993. Four bands: John Henry West, Sinker, Not For The Lack Of Trying and Manmission. Further information as quoted from their website:

On 3/12/93 Sinker, John Henry West, Manumission and Not For The Lack of Trying played a show at the Anaconda in Goleta, CA. The idea was that all four bands would play a show together and then release a 7" comp based on that show. All of the songs are studio songs, and while the date of the show does serve as the title for the 7" none of the songs were actually live songs. Everyone that attended the show wrote their name and address down in a notebook and when the record came out they recieved a copy with a hand screened cover.

Manumission and Not For The Lack of Trying were local bands from Goleta, while Sinker and John Henry West were from Northern California. Not For The Lack of Trying featured three former members of Downcast, and after they broke up the various members went on to form Jara, Born And Razed, Good Riddance, Stephen Hero, and This Machine Kills. Members of Sinker went on to become known as Amber Inn and Indian Summer, and John Henry West featured members of End of The Line, Sawhorse, and Fuel.

VA - 3/12/93 (1993)
01. John Henry West - Avoiding
02. Sinker - Slash And Burn
03. Not For The Lack Of Trying - Goodbye
04. Manumission - Hawthorne Effect

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