Thursday, August 9, 2012

Torches To Rome

"Mike Kirsch started Torches To Rome with the help of Steve Chamberlain, and Aaron Schlive. Mike was once again on guitar and vocals, Steve played bass and sang, and Aaron was on drums. Aaron had formerly been drumming for Portraits of Past, and his style was hard and loud. 

The Torches To Rome sound was powerful and aggressive hardcore that always maintained a fantastic sense of groove and melody with impassioned singing. This sound was certainly a combination of all three members, but it was also distinctly related to Kirsch's past endeavors with Sawhorse, Fuel, Sixteen Bullets, Navio Forge, and even John Henry West. An excellent record." - Ebullition

The record is fantastic. So much emotion and passion in these 8 songs. This album was recorded in 1995, mixed in 1997 and released in 1999 on Ebullition. This is a collection of all their songs.

Mass For The Dead from the LP

Torches To Rome (1999)
01. Mass For The Dead
02. Young Arsenal
03. Life Led Idle
04. This Is Not A Step
05. Torches To Rome
06. The Guards Are Itchy
07. Idle Heroes
08. Numbered Days

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