Thursday, August 9, 2012


Sinker were a shortlived emo band from Sacramento and Oakland. They existed between January and July 1993. Sinker featured ex-members of Jabberjaw, and members who would later form well known bands Indian Summer (Adam, Seth and Dan) and Amber Inn (Scott). During their brief existence, Sinker released a demo cassette, a 7" on Repercussion/Sunney Sindicut in 1993, a song on the 3/12/93 Compilation 7” on Ebullition and a posthumous 7” entitled Finality on Sunney Sindicut in 1995. If you like Indian Summer and Amber Inn, you will like Sinker.

Perseverance from the first 7"

Finality (1995)
01. Comfort
02. Low-Tac Tape

Thoughts On Beauty b/w Perseverance (1993)
01. Thoughts On Beauty
02. Perseverance

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