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Profax was a hardcore band that was active for 4 years in the late 80's and early 90's. According to a lot of people they were one of the best and most important Swiss hardcore bands. TPeople in my country were proud of a band like Profax, something they had heard on records only before. Supposedly, they were one of the best in Europe as well. I cannot judge all this because at this time I was a little baby, but from what I hear I am more than impressed.

The closest similarities are Gorilla Biscuits or Verbal Assault. The lyrics are very political; the band was straight edge. Profax released two 7inches and were featured on the Ebullition compilation Give Me Back with two songs as well as on the Share Common Ground compilation by Crucial Response with one song. In 1999, all these songs were released on a discography CD/LP.

Living Without Cruelty from the first 7"

Discographie (1999)
01. Blind Of Talk
02. Ready To Fail
03. Is It Cool To Be Cool
04. Beyond
05. Living Without Cruelty
06. Forgive And Forget
07. Patience
08. Mother
09. Presque Gentil
10. Bona Fide
11. Chiste Malo
12. Joe

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