Thursday, August 2, 2012

Moss Icon

First off: If you don't know Moss Icon, you have missed out so badly that I'm forced to say that your life sucks. Especially, if you're into emo, your life sucks big time and I don't want to know what it must feel like to live such a life.

Back to Moss Icon. What can I say? Hailing from Annapolis, Maryland Moss Icon were one of the pioneering bands of the emo sound and were active between 1986 and 1991. I'm just going to quote random sources which explain things better than I do:

"Moss Icon are most known for their influence on the splinter genre of punk known as post-hardcore, and affiliation to the original DC bands born in the so-called “Revolution Summer” of 1985, including Rites of Spring, Gray Matter, Rain, Embrace, and Maryland’s Hated." -
"In retrospect, they more resembled an inspired marriage of the bleak post-punk leanings of Joy Division with the raucous riffage of the Wipers, albeit considerably less accessible thanks to Moss Icon's more sinister tone, Tonie Joy's exploratory arrangements, and frontman Jonathan Vance's almost stream-of-conscious sociopolitical rampages." - Temporary Residence

Good news for everyone that doesn't want to spend a shitload of money on records. Temporary Residence recently put out a 3xLP discography release. You can get it here or at your local record store.

Gravity from the Split/It Disappears

It Disappears (1994)
Collection of songs from the split and the Memorial 7" plus two live songs.
01. Guatemala
02. Memorial
03. Moth
04. Gravity
05. I'm Black Sleeping Or Fucking Or Something (Live)
06. It Disappears (Live)

Lyburnum Wit's End Liberation Fly (1994)
Recorded in 1988, released in 1994.
01. Mirror
02. I'm Black Sleeping Or Fucking Or Something
03. The Life
04. Divinity Cove
05. Cove
06. Kick The Can
07. Lyburnum Wits End Liberation Fly
08. Cricketty Rise (Haverton Roads Browns And Greens)
09. As Afterwards The Words Still Ring
10. Happy (Unbounded Glory)

Memorial (1991)
01. Memorial
02. Moth

Moss Icon/Silver Bearing (1991)
01. Moss Icon - Guatemala
02. Moss Icon - Gravity
03. Moss Icon - As Afterwards The Words Still Ring
04. Moss Icon - Familiar Presides
05. Silver Bearing - Arizona
06. Silver Bearing - Wheat(construct)her
07. Silver Bearing - Jazz One
08. Silver Bearing - Hollerin' Like A Metal God
09. Silver Bearing - Polka Of Lust
10. Silver Bearing - Audra: Country
11. Silver Bearing - Drop It (Weather)
12. Silver Bearing - Arabic Language

Mahpiua Luta (1989)
01. The Life
02. Kick The Can

Hate In Me (1988)
01. Hate In Me
02. What They Lack
03. I'm Black Sleeping Or Fucking Or Something
04. Kiss The Girls And Make Them Die

Demo (1987)
01. Hate In Me
02. What They Lack
03. Never Turning
04. My Strength, My Weakness
05. Mirror
06. We Deny
07. Sorrow



    Nov 10th (autumn whirlwind). Unreleased track by Moss Icon.

    1. Also that's my photo of them at DC Space in December of 1990.