Monday, August 6, 2012


Here we go with another German band from the 90's. Kassiopeia existed approximately between 1993 and 1995. They released a split 7" with Nothing Left To Grasp and a selftitled 7".

The band plays an interesting kind of emo/screamo which is somehow reminiscent of the German sound from the 90's but then again stands out for being different. For instance, the first song on the split is what you would call emo violence, whereas the second song is more like what they recorded on the 7". Starting out as a mellow and fragile emo song, it turns into chaos and loudness towards the end.

There was a second band called Kassiopeia in 2004, but that's not the same band although, apparently, they play a similar kind of music.

Schwach from the s/t 7"

Kassiopeia/Nothing Left To Grasp (1995)
01. Kassiopeia - Scham
02. Kassiopeia - Knife
03. Nothing Left To Grasp - Gravitas

Kassiopeia (1995)
01. Schwach
02. Blicke
03. Traum vom Feuer
04. Menschenkraft

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