Friday, August 10, 2012

John Henry West

John Henry West is one of guitarist Mike Kirsch's many bands (among Torches To Rome, Baader Brains, Navio Forge, Sawhorse, Fuel etc.). Other members were Cory (vocals), Jon (guitar), Mike (bass, also played in Reach Out) and Dave (drums). The band released a s/t 7" on Gravity in 1994 and appeared on two 7" compilations (3/12/93 on Ebullition and A History Of Compassion And Justice on Lengua Armada). The band existed between 1992 and 1993.

Ebullition released a discography LP/CD (whereas tracklisting on both medias is different from each other) entitled Door Bolted Shut. I didn't post it because it's not sold out yet and because you should support the label and band when you like this. Click here.

Shut Your Mouth from the s/t 7"

John Henry West (1994)
01. Ten Thousand Words
02. Shut Your Mouth
03. Bullet Proof
04. Sell Yourself

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