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It's been a while since I posted a band from France. Ivich was a three piece band from Saint Maurice. Members were also invovled in Vanilla among others. Ivich were one of the pioneering bands in the 90's in the French hardcore scene. The music is very much alike Undone and Finger Print. Noisy and messy, and kind of emotive, raw hardcore punk.

Throughout the years, they released a LP, a 10", a 7" and two 7" splits. They were featured on a lot of compilations too, most notably on the Reconstruction LP and the Illiterate compilation on Ebulliton (to be posted soon!), as well as Le Garage (to be posted too at some point...).

Les monstres from the La vie devant soi 10"

Ivich/E-150 (1997)
01. Ivich - Si j'étais libre
02. Ivich - Volcan
03. E-150 - Todo Perdido
04. E-150 - Pro-Elección
05. E-150 - Locura De Guerra
06. E-150 - Vendran Lluvias Suaves

Ivich/Jasemine (1995)
01. Ivich - H.I.V.
02. Jasemine - Restriction
03. Jasemine - Choix 

La vie devant soi (1995)
01. Les monstres
02. Ici et maintenant
03. Du rire aux larmes
04. Les voix du silence
05. C'est l'époque qui veut ça
06. Pourquoi faut-il que les hommes s'ennuient?

La mort heureuse (1994)
01. Les belles images
02. L'autre
03. Malheur
04. Los Olividados
05. Bonheurs totalitaires
06. Il était une fois
07. Cicatrices
08. Une soif de mal
09. Du sang sur les mains

Chacun sa vérité (1993)
01. Ivich
02. Damien
03. Icar
04. Un ailleurs

Sculpteur de cris (Demo, 1992)
01. Lumière
02. Marie et moi
03. Solitude
04. Sales pensées
05. Masque
06. Les oeillets
07. J'veux pas
08. Dégoulinade
09. Danse macabre
10. Volcan
11. Revolver
12. J'aurais tant aimé
13. A quoi bon?

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  1. Hi great post! Stefan are you still around? That will amazing if you post Vanilla and You Will Never Appear On TV With Such a Face (with three members of Vanilla) classic stuff too , greetings from chile.