Monday, August 6, 2012

Don Quichote

(No picture of the band available. This is their 10" with new covers, see below for the link)

Don Quichote were a band located in Magdeburg, Germany and were active in the mid and late 90's. They released a 10" in 1996 on Heartfelt Music.

Musically, Don Quichote is another emo class act from Germany. I don't know what these people had flowing through the water pipelines, but they all had a feeling to create beautiful music. Powerful and intense emo in the veins other German bands such as Age and 125, Rue Montmartre or American contemporaries like Heroin, The Pine or Anasacra.

There are some leftover copies of the 10" available through Superfluous Records here.

Muster auf der Haut from the s/t 10"

Don Quichote (1997)
01. Ein Platz für die Ewigkeit
02. Sachliche Romanze
03. Valerie
04. Kannst du meine Muskeln sehen?
05. Muster auf der Haut
06. Vom Gaukler, der nur vorübergehend auf der Bühne steht

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