Saturday, August 4, 2012


I'm trying to post more bands from Europe rather than from America, and here's another band from Germany - Assay. After Age broke up around in the mid 90's, the two members (Miguel, Rainer) went on to form Assay with the vocalist Hauke and formed another band called Rusty James as well. Members were also involved in Mörser.

Assay released a 12" in 1997 entitled Pisschrist, an excellent collection of songs of emo hardcore and punk rock. The 9 songs on this full-length clock in at a total time 42 minutes which means that the songs are around 4-5 minutes long. This leaves the listener with a lot of different tempos, intensities, melodies, change of vocal styles, instrumental parts etc. As the track titles indicate, the lyrics are in German.

Pisschrist from the Pisschrist LP

Pisschrist (1997)
01. Mach nur weiter so
02. Complacement
03. Mobil in Ketten
04. Abendmahl
05. Hardcore 68er
06. Motor
07. Nein
08. Pisschrist
09. Taub
10. ...

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