Thursday, August 9, 2012

Anna O

Anna O was kind of a side project of Anomie with bassist Gilles and vocalist Kathleen. Because Anomie's original drummer was only 15 at this time he couldn't go on tour much, so Anna O was founded for the sake of playing shows and touring. They were joined by the drummer of Seasons and guitarist Antoine (later in Amanda Woodward). They toured Germany with Öpstand and recorded songs for a 7" on a German label, which never happened though. The sound is nothing much different from Anomie's, maybe a bit harsher and more brutal at times (hints of powerviolence/grindcore influences, especially the vocals sometimes). Also, Kathleen isn't doing all of the vocals. But anyway, get into this.

Unreleased 7" (1997)
01. 01
02. 02
03. 03
04. 04

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