Sunday, August 5, 2012


(No picture of the band available, this is the cover of the 2x7")

Age was the precursor to Assay (which I already posted here). Age, not pronounced English but in German, was a shortlived vegan straight edge band from Germany in the early 90's. Age can be seen as the first emo/screamo band in Germany. They released a 2x7" in 1992 and a 12" in 1994 and then split up.

Musically, it's more or less the same as Assay - emotive hardcore punk. Maybe a bit more straight forward at times and more unique. You get everything again: slow/melodic and fast/chaotic parts; screamed, sung and spoken parts etc. but it sounds really as its something own. I dig the guitar work a lot on this although I have no idea what good guitar work is from an objective point of view, but it sounds great to me. The vocals sound angry, calming and desperate altogether.

Day #4 from the 12"

Age 12" (1994)
01. Confused
02. Wolf
03. Werkzeug
04. 1, 2, 3, 4: Das Spiel
05. Waste Paper
06. Blocked
07. Day #4

Age 2x7" (1992)
01. Guilt
02. Shame
03. Ladder
04. Wimmin In A Box
05. Determined Truth
06. Opfer
07. Harmonie

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