Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mr. Willis Of Ohio

Mr. Willis Of Ohio are the most popular screamo outfit out of Switzerland in the 2000's. The band existed between 2004 and 2009. Members had been involved in bands such as Sundowner or Ferguson, which you can find here. Marianne of Ape Must Not Kill Ape plays bass. All lyrics are in German which gives it a special touch in my opinion, maybe cause I'm a native German speaker, I don't know.

I like the mix between aggressive and fast screamo parts and slow sung/spoken passages. The lyrics are very political and deal also with personal problems. It's kind of hard to think of similar bands, so the best thing you can do is listen to the song below. Don't sleep on this band (eventhough they broke up already).

Ein Leben lang from the Eure Welt 7"

Eure Welt (2008)
01. Eure Welt
02. Gläserner Mensch
03. Ein Leben lang
04. Gehirnwäsche

Pick Three, Get The Whole Scene Plus One (2008)
01. The Rabbit Theory - Pew! Pew! Laserguns!
02. Dying In Motion - Das Glück mein Feind
03. Mr. Willis Of Ohio - Ich lasse Euch zurück
04. Yakari - Readysetgo or Monotonie und  Beschränktheit

Mr. Willis Of Ohio (2007)
01. Illusion
02. Sterbende Seele
03. Worte
04. Verloren

Mr. Willis Of Ohio/I Not Dance (2007)
01. Mr. Willis Of Ohio - Träume
02. Mr. Willis Of Ohio - Herzschlag
03. Mr. Willis Of Ohio - Lasst sie leben
04. I Not Dance - Mouths Open
05. I Not Dance - What Is Real
06. I Not Dance - Black

Demo (2005)
01. Was du willst
02. Mensch
03. Sterbende Seele
04. Interludium
05. Posttraumatische Bewältigung
06. Schatten

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    I'm in a new band called Farrokh Bulsara. Check it out on https://farrokhbulsara.bandcamp.com/album/nieder-mit-den-thujahecken-2017

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