Friday, February 10, 2012

You And I

You And I was a band from New Jersey. They were active in the late 90's. In 2011 they played two reunion shows. Anyway, the band released a 7", two 12" and a CD on labels such as Level Plane and Spiritfall Records. Members were involved in well-known bands such as Hot Cross, Welcome The Plague Year, The Assistant, Neil Perry and a few more.

While they maintained the heavy, chaotic elements typical of the genre, their music has traveled well in terms of influence due to its more tuneful and musical qualities. While other bands in the genre often simply played fast, You and I had a very solidly inventive rhythm section and two guitarists were who were able to add interesting textures and interplay to the music, incorporating riffs that recalled Midwest emo, tech metal, and almost every other punk sub-genre; often while holding down vocal parts at the same time. While You and I were by no means the only emo band to integrate clean vocals and layered harmonies, they did it in the context of what were often atypical song structures.

There is a discography release floating around on the internet which has mislabelled songs. The youtube video I posted is mislabelled for example... annoying. However, below you will find every release with correctly labelled songs.

Someday I'll Say Goodbye & Absence from the Saturdays Cab Ride Home LP

The Curtain Falls (1999)
01. Tell Me About Your Childhood
02. Brock Landers And The Mustang Cake
03. Playing Off The Story
04. 143 (JCM)
05. I Think I Know Where Elvis Lives
06. Pulse
07. Threading A Needle
08. Two Down, One To Go

Within The Frame (1998)
01. Forever Lasts A Moment
02. Achilles
03. All Imperfect Things
04. A Day Passes Through
05. No Guilt On New Year's Morning

Saturdays Cab Ride Home (1998)
01. Someday I'll Say Goodbye
02. Absence
03. Memory Loss
04. We All Bleed
05. When We Were One
06. Revision
07. Nights Like These
08. Smile
09. Saturdays Cab Ride Home

You And I (1997)
01. Something To Remember
02. Heart's Divide
03. Silent Morning Whisper
04. Seascape

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