Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome The Plague Year

Welcome The Plague Year formed in 2003. Founding members were Chris Smith (Neil Perry), Larry Everett (Joshua Fit For Battle), James Walton, Kevin Hardy (Joshua Fit For Battle), Kerry-Jo Pries (Makara), and Jon Marianari (Neil Perry, You And I). The band was very active in 2004 and 2005, and has not released any material since then. Maybe they broke up? I don't know.

The band played a similar style of screamo like Joshua Fit For Battle and Neil Perry, but still sounds different and unique. Melodic, fast-paced instruments go with crushing vocals. What I really like are the kind of ambient interludes and the build-ups in songs. There is a cool description on "Hundreds of complaints, broken drumsticks, and power failures later, they emerged from the cloud of dirt and smoke up a creaky staircase ready to put their creations on tape."

Demo from 2003

Ampere/Welcome The Plague Year (2005)
01. Ampere - Away From The Bright Lights
02. Ampere - Your Still Life
03. Welcome The Plague Year - You Are My Economical Rival, And I Hate You

Funeral Diner/Welcome The Plague Year (2004)
01. Funeral Diner - Yeah, You Remember That...
02. Welcome The Plague Year - We Had Hoped For So Much More...

Welcome The Plague Year (2004)
01. Behold A Pale Horse
02. Humming To A Dead Song
03. Going Peacfully
04. Craft Messenger
05. Doomsday Parade
06. Interlude
07. Graveyard Planet
08. Into Twilight
09. Of The Bridges
10. Improv. 1. Take 1.

Quiet. Still. Dead (2004)
01. Quiet. Still. Dead.

Demo (2003)
01. Into Twilight
02. Craft Messenger
03. Quiet. Still. Dead.

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