Monday, February 13, 2012

The Walls You've Built

The Walls You've Built was a band from Houston, Texas that existed somewhen around the years 2003-2005 I guess. The band featured ex-members of Burned Out Bright and released one EP. On top of that, they recorded a few demos (listen here) while they working on a second record which never happened though. And they delivered a song to the Emo Apocalypse 12" compilation, which is where I discovered them.

This band is very similar to Burned Out Bright, taking on the emo style, crying a lot, bashing the heck out of their instruments, throwing in sad parts and twinkly melodies... it's all there. It does start off in a bit of a screamo fashion, with lots of boys hollering and the guitars chugging away, but it swiftly morphs into something else.

Live in Houston, TX  - 2004

Definition Of A Friendship (2004)
01. Hearts And Bricks
02. Reflections
03. Separation For A New Beginning
04. Song 4

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