Thursday, February 9, 2012

Van Johnson

Van Johnson was a band from Ottawa, Canada that existed from 2002 to 2005. The band put out a two-song demo, a 7" on Firewalk With Me and Exotic Fever, a split 7" with Kaospilot on Level Plane, and a full-length on Exotic Fever.

The band takes a rather post-hardcore influenced  approach to screamo. I first heard this band when I got a free 7" with an order I made, and I was blown away instantly. I suck at describing bands, so I'll just quote:

"This Canadian act covers a lot of ground, never letting up on the frantic screaming vocals but musically offering everything from standard jangly clean passages and intense guitar textures with noisy picking speeds to sparse clean breaks with light effects adding more atmosphere. During such calmer moments (musically) the drumming really starts to shine with some nice flare on the cymbals and such, and it's also interesting that much of this material is only melodic in very abstract manners." -

Haunting This Body from the s/t LP

Van Johnson (2005)
01. Speechless For Once
02. Haunting This Body
03. Spagator
04. Ashes
05. Sturm und Drang
06. Flatlands And Graveyards
07. Beggars And Bones

Van Johnson/Kaospilot (2004)
01. Van Johnson - Spagator
02. Kaospilot - Vivre sa vie

Ladies And Gentlemen... (2004)
01. Like A Ghost
02. A Dance

Demo (2003)
01. Haunting This Body
02. Flatlands And Graveyards

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