Thursday, February 9, 2012

Various Artists - Wayfarers All

Wayfarers All is a compilation released by Owlsa Records in 2004. It collects a lot of amazing emo and screamo bands, such as The Pine, La Quiete, Stop It!! and Sinaloa. I think all (or at least most) of the songs are exclusive to this compilation only.

VA - Wayfarers All (2004)
01. Life At These Speeds - You Know To Say Yes
02. The Pine - Desperate And Lonely
03. True Feedback Story - Solution Set
04. Liza Kate - A Terrible Beast And A God
05. La Quiete - Lettere che avevo intenzione di scrivere
06. Sinaloa - Dent Instruments
07. Wilderness Medicine - The Fisherman
08. The Shivering - Look Away
09. Reactionary 3 - Since I Quit My Job
10. Hit Self Destruct - Like Water For Absinthe
11. Stop It!! - Not Mentioned On Maps
12. Big Little Torso - Outro

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