Saturday, February 11, 2012

Various Artists - ABC No Rio

"What I love most about live recordings is that sometimes they capture the energy that doesn't come through on a record. This CD has live tracks from 8 amazing bands, including Boysetsfire, Kill the Man Who Questions, Twelve Hour Turn, Devola, Saetia, Countdown to Putsch, I Hate Myself, God Awful, and You And I.

Despite the fact that these are live recordings, many of them sound better than the bands' records. The Saetia song, 'Becoming the Truth' is actually the only studio track on this piece. It was the band's first song and this is the only place it has been released.

Besides, it's so cheap and for a great cause. ABC No Rio has been the only mainstay venue in NYC's diy scene. It has consistently held shows for over ten years." -
Level Plane

VA - ABC No Rio (1999)
01. Boysetsfire - Resection
02. Boysetsfire - Pure
03. Countdown To Putsch - The Argument With Camus
04. Countdown To Putsch - (Un)naturalization
05. Devola - Collapsed
06. Devola - Prozac Equation
07. Devola - Excerpt Of A Letter From The Office Of Vital Statistics
08. God Awful - Vicariously
09. God Awful - Failure
10. I Hate Myself - Darren's Roof
11. I Hate Myself - Drama In The Emergency Room
12. Kill The Man Who Questions - Sugar Industry
13. Kill The Man Who Questions - Good Cop Bad Cop
14. Saetia - Becoming The Truth
15. Twelve Hour Turn - Wide Awake
16. Twelve Hour Turn - He'd Rather Not Watch
17. You And I - Seascape
18. You And I - Something To Remember *cuts off after 9 seconds...

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