Thursday, February 9, 2012

Stop It!!

Stop It!! was a band from Richmond, VA that existed between 2001 and 2004. The band recorded a demo two months after forming. The band remained a bit unknown and had shitty equipment at first, but things changed eventually. In 2003, Stop It!! released a full-length on Robotic Empire and Perpetual Motion Machine.

The band sounds similar to bands like Sinaloa, Daniel Striped Tiger and L'antietam. They take a very catchy take on emotive punk rock music that's strongly associated to the indie rock sound. The band also used post-rock elements in their songs. Ranging from harsh and frantic to melodic and stoned out, all overlaid with shouted vocals and the occasional burst of beautiful harmonies.

Members had played in City Of Caterpillar and Municipal Waste and went on to play in Cloak/Dagger, Brainworms, Pink Razor and more.

Captain Roboto from the Self Made Maps LP

Self Made Maps (2003)
01. Maybe She's Born With It
02. Name + Number
03. Amen & Boys
04. A Clever Play On Words
05. Remove Your Teeth
06. S.S. Betrayel
07. Captain Roboto
08. Here's To New Shortcuts
09. Beethoven's Funeral

Demo (2001)
01. When Doves Cry
02. My Prerogative
03. Theme Song For Beverly Hills, 90210
04. When A Man Loves A Woman
05. Paradise City
06. Exile On Main St.
07. Mr. Roboto

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