Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Song Of Zarathustra

Song Of Zarathustra was a band from Sioux City, Iowa that existed between 1997 and 2003 with a little break between 1998 until 2000. Members were also involved in The Book Of Dead Names (possibly known for the split with Jeromes Dream), The Khayembii Communiqué, Artifact Shore, The Cardinal Sin and a few more. The band released material on a bunch of cool labels inlcuding Level Plane and Witching Hour.

I think there is one aspect of their sound that makes it outstanding and different from the rest: the synthesis of heavy bass and guitar play mixed with droning organ music. The sound in general is very noisy and chaotic, but finds also its calm moments. Along with that, the vocals come off very feverish and crushing. Doing research for this post, I stumbled upon a accurate statement: "Song of Zarathustra is merely attempting to damage your hearing with a vicious attack of noise and volume."

I've heard a great deal of bands using synths and they mostly suck (yeah, those who call themselves nintendocore or whatever, horrible...). But Songs Of Zarathustra know what how to handle these influences.

Mess Of Zero from the The Birth Of Tragedy 12"

Near And Far Vol. 2 (2002)
01. Racebannon - Waltz Of El Diablo, Part I
02. Racebannon - Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In, Part IV
03. Racebannon - Waltz Of El Diablo, Part II
04. Racebannon - Satan's Kickin' Yr Dick In, Part V
05. Song Of Zarathustra - Establishing An Introduction, Part I
06. Song Of Zarathustra - All Cries Of Accidents, Part II
07. Song Of Zarathustra - A Plan To End All Plans, Part III

A View Of High Tides (2002)
01. We Scholars
02. Shakes In Pain
03. Find A Grave
04. Pill Catcher
05. Half Mass
06. A Poisonous Movement
07. Inaccurate Accuracy
08. The Messenger Of Heat
09. Tame
10. The Passing

2 Song EP (2001)
01. A Poisonous Movement
02. Lude Boy

Bote des Zorns (2001)
01. Inaccurate Accuracy
02. Half Mass
03. Quantity At Hand
04. Messengers Of Heat

The Birth Of Tragedy (2000)
01. Intro
02. Mess Of Zero
03. With Hands That Bleed
04. The Great Longing
05. The Evening Beat
06. Deep Yellow And The Burning Red
07. The Birth Of Tragedy
08. Science, Science
09. Cry Of Distress
10. The Stillest Hour
11. Machinist Union
12. Outro

Song Of Zarathustra/Johnny Angel (1998)
01. Song Of Zarathustra - Recommend For Digestion
02. Song Of Zarathustra - Black And Blue Award
03. Johnny Angel - Mercks
04. Johnny Angel - Yearbook

Song Of Zarathustra/Spread The Disease (1998)
01. Spread The Disease - Cyst Of The Unborn
02. Spread The Disease - Black Eyed
03. Songs Of Zarathustra - Theme For Bastard Children

Song Of Zarathustra (1997)
01. One Strike At Romance
02. Murder In La-Jolla
03. Save Our Ship
04. Science, Science
05. Ramirez-Lira