Friday, February 10, 2012

Off Minor

When Saetia broke up in 1999, two new bands were brought to life one year later: Hot Cross (Billy Werner, Greg Drudy) and Off Minor (Jamie Behar, Steven Roche). Former member of Off Minor was also bassist Matt Smith (played the last Saetia show), who then went to play in Hot Cross and was replaced by Steven Roche's brother Kevin that had played in Life Detecting Coffins. The band has released three LP's, a split LP, and various split 7". Labels they released material on are Level Plane, EarthWaterSky, Golden Brown, PurePainSugar and Yellow Ghost.

Perhaps what makes Off Minor so special is how much noise they are able to get out of 3 instruments, whether it be in the form of chaos or beauty. Combining both in the same way Saetia did, Off Minor represents the true emo scene, a difficult blend of elegance and brutality that when meshed together forms something truly amazing. I personally love the twinkly and jazzy melodies.

The band has not officially broken up yet, but the last record they put out was almost 4 years ago.

Live in Ghent 1/7

Some Blood (2008)
01. Neologist
02. Some Blood
03. Everything Explicit
04. To An Ex
05. No Conversationalist I
06. Practice Absence

Off Minor/Killie (2008)
01. Off Minor - Some Clown
02. Off Minor - Abbatoir
03. Off Minor - Everything Explicit
04. Killie - Part 1
05. Killie - Part 2

Ampere/Off Minor (2008)
01. Ampere - Conquest Success
02. Off Minor - Abbatoir

Off Minor/My Disco (2005)
01. Off Minor - Some Clown
02. My Disco - Troubled Receiver

Innominate (2004)
01. Cadaveric
02. Killed For Less
03. Inadequate In Absence Of You
04. Demolition Heuristic
05. In SL
06. Devil Ether
07. Allele
08. Family Circus

Off Minor/St. Alban's Kids (2004)
01. Off Minor - In SL
02. Off Minor - My Father's Dreams
03. St. Alban's Kids - Dissthentic Penetration
04. St. Alban's Kids - When We Are Just Days Away From Illiteracy

The Heat Death Of The Universe (2002)
01. The Heat Death Of The Universe
02. This Is A Hostage Situation
03. It's A Beauty
04. Punch For Punch
05. The Transient
06. Staring Down The Barrel Of Limited Options
07. Spartan
08. Monday Morning Quarterbacks
09. Off Minor

Off Minor/I Am The Resurrection (2001)
01. Off Minor - Problematic Courtship
02. Off Minor - My Recovery
03. Off Minor - Farewell Ne'er Do Well
04. Off Minor - Willow Weep For Me
05. Off Minor - Remainder
06. Off Minor - Perfect Strangers
07. I Am The Resurrection - Gauges
08. I Am The Resurrection - Spliced Film Smiles
09. I Am The Resurrection - This New Broom Sweeps Clean
10. I Am The Resurrection - Short, Fast And Oh So Stylish
11. I Am The Resurrection - Came Home Pushed And Full Of Pins
12. I Am The Resurrection - The New Apostles
13. I Am The Resurrection - The Fall And Rise Of Cameron Hodge

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