Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Finger Print

Finger Print was a very influental French hardcore/emo band in the early 90's. I believe the band formed around 1991 and broke up in 1994. Most of the band's material was released on benefit compilations, but apart from that they released two 7" which you can download below. I will upload the remaining compilations sooner or later aswell; I already uploaded the Food Not Bombs and Reconstruction comps.

If you are into the 90's hardcore punk movemen in France, you will most likely like Finger Print, too. Fast forward and emotional hardcore punk with slow and melodic parts sometimes. Desperate and angry vocals.

All 3 members also played in Jasemine, and Christophe also played in Undone. Further bands members were part of are: Ananda, Chère Catastrophe, Daymare and a few more.

Surrender from the Surrender 7"

We May Be Brothers (1994)
01. We May Be Brothers
02. My Innocent Lips
03. Utopia
04. In Words
05. Status

Surrender (1993)
01. Surrender
02. Unlimited
03. Receiver
04. Cleaned For Them


  1. it's very cool to see your blog and posts like the ones about Finger Print. Also very nice to see the actual 7"s posted. If by chance you are not aware, there is actually a discography as well.

    If you do not have it, feel free to get a hold of me:

    Again, wonderful blog!

    -Jon/It Follows

  2. Hi mate how to get your lyric im really looking so many time hope 1 of you do help me .. Plsss