Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Constatine Sankathi

Constatine Sankathi came from Michigan and were active somewhen between 1994 and 1996. According to the band, "[they] never fit in with anyone but somehow [they] were lucky enough to play some amazing shows and meet and communicate with some awesome people."

The band played fast-forward emotional hardcore in the vein of Plunger. Further similar bands are Mohinder, Honeywell and a bunch more. What's really special about this band is that they use trumpets in some parts. I can't recall that I had heard this already before.

If you're looking for further information of this band, then you should check out their Myspace. They wrote detailled blog entries about the history of Constatine Sankathi and memories they collected.

Rising Sun from the Baby Unicorn 7"

Baby Unicorn Tripped Over A Rock And Hurt Its Throat And Then Vomited (1996)
01. Listening Palms
02. Painting My Entire Body Black
03. Day
04. Rising Sun

Bev.Clone/Constatine Sankathi (1995)
01. Bev.Clone - No Reason
02. Bev.Clone - Camp
03. Constatine Sankathi - Esoteric
04. Constatine Sankathi - Canoe

Who Killed The Killed Kid (1995)
01. I Am An Android
02. Husniyah
03. Thanks For The Candy

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