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It's been a bit quiet on this blog since we have a lot of stuff to do for our exams, but let's post something essential now.

Yage was a band from Cologne, Germany that existed between 1998 and 2004 and are quite possibly the best emotive hardcore band of all time from Germany. Since I suck at giving justice to what bands sound like, I'm going to quote the description of the Anders Leben!? LP on Ebullition and as usual post a song from the band:

"Yage is one of the best German emotive hardcore bands around at the moment. They have released a slew of great records over the years, but Anders Leben!? is their first full length to be released in the USA. Their music is passionate and melodic and many people have compared them to Yaphet Kotto. Anders Leben!? is a bit more polished and refined compared to their earlier releases, but yet the recording maintains their sincerity and enthusiasm for their craft. They fit perfectly on Ebullition with their blend of emotionally charged music and heartfelt lyrics."

Ohne Form from the Anders Leben!? LP

Anders Leben!? (2003)
01. We Lost Beauty
02. Ohne Form
03. 128
04. Lange Lügenbeine
05. Anders Leben!?
06. Leben leben
07. Situations Are Like Cells
08. Save The Fear Slave

Some Things Take A Long Time But Step For Step Takes Its Direction It Is On Us To Start To Run Or At Least To Walk Right Now (2002)
01. Mitglied im Club
02. Des eigenen Glückes Schmied
03. Eyes To A Fist

The Human Head Is Too Strong For Itself (2001)
01. The Human Head Is Too Strong For Itself
02. Future Is Now
03. How Much Is It
04. Und es geht weiter
05. Clearness Of Fog
06. Der Traum läuft

Yage/The Robocop Kraus (2001)
01. Yage - Viva La Vie
02. The Robocop Kraus - Love Hungry Man

Yage/Engrave (2000)
01. Yage - Regieloser Film
02. Engrave - Translocation Experience
03. Engrave - Selbstzerfleischung

3 - 17 October 1984 (2000)
01. Wenn nicht bist du draussen
02. My Head's Film
03. Difference In Between
04. One Way Ticket des Lebens
05. I Have Gun You Too
06. Engine Off
07. The B-Side Has Landed
08. Vorstellungsspagat
09. Die Flucht

Yage (1999)
01. 127
02. Ist es weg
03. Herz
04. Need To Be Filled

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