Monday, January 2, 2012

Various Artists - In Memory Of Jason

"This recorded is dedicated to the spirit and memory of my brother, Jason Jon Fleagane.The bands on this compilation are not only Jason’s personal favorites, but they are also in the spirit of what flowed through this inspirational individual."

In Memory Of Jason is a 2x12" commemoration compilation put out by Monopoly Records in 1996. It's a tribute to a young man called Jason Jon Fleagane who passed away at the age of 21. The other compilation that is dedicated to Jason was put out by File 13 Records in 1995 and is called We've Lost Beauty. I might upload that a later time since there are a lot of great bands on that compilation.

There are alot of awesome emo/screamo/punk bands on this compilation, including Evergreen, Honeywell, Reach Out, Driftwood, Clikatat Ikatowi and many other. Jason himself played in a band (Pottyface) whose songs were used as epilogue to each side of the two records. This compilation is a good opportunity to discover new bands from that time.

VA - In Memory Of Jason (1996)
01. Rice - Sick
02. GodheadSilo - You Must Pay
03. Reach Out - Shit Me A Mountain Of Lies
04. Honeywell - Posthemosmis
05. Pottyface - Epilogue I
06. Still Life - Sunset Walk To The Cliff
07. Evergreen - My Irish Lady (The Leftover Queen)
08. Driftwood - Punch
09. Crash And Britany - The Little Baby Ones
10. Crash And Brittany - Synergism Frequency
11. Pottyface - Epilogue II
12. Karp - I'd Rather Be Clogging (Live In Okayama, Japan)
13. The Saw - Superwink
14. Babyland - Double Coupon
15. Pottyface - Epilogue III
16. Angel Hair - Kisses
17. Jackbarber - Mind Like A Sieve
18. Clikatat Ikatowi - The Appliance
19. Pottyface - Epilogue IV

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