Saturday, January 21, 2012

Various Artists - Antipodes

Antipodes is a compilation 7" put out by Level Plane in October 2000. There were 1200 pressings on red vinyl with the standard die-cut cover, and 45 had silkscreened covers. There is really nothing much to be said about this except that this is one of my favourite compilations ever. Just look at the tracklist: The Assistant, Neil Perry, Jeromes Dream, Hassan I Sabbah and Usurp Synapse. This should stir anyone's blood that is into the heavier screamo music.

VA - Antipodes (2000)
01. The Assistant - 93,800 Hours
02. Neil Perry - Memoirs Of An Illiterate Penpal
03. Hassan I Sabbah - Fuck The Thinking That They're Living Some...
04. Jeromes Dream - How Staggering Is This Realization?
05. Usurp Synapse - Good Luck With Your Book

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