Wednesday, January 4, 2012


First of all, no this is not the solo project of the guy from The Lawrence Arms. If you were looking for that, listen to this nonetheless, you won't be sorry.

Sundowner was a Swiss emo/screamo band which was active in the late 90's and early 00's. Sundowner was Carsten Nebel on vocals, Marianne Hofstetter (founder of Ape Must Not Kill Ape Records) on guitar, Martin Schaub on bass and Roman Meier on drums. Members were also involved in Mr. Willis Of Ohio, Blue Water Boy, Crush My Calm, Ferguson, Solid Ground and more. They released a selftitled CD, a split 7" with The Last Forty Seconds (pre-The Saddest Landscape, Ampere) and a two-song 7".

Taken from their Myspace, which pretty much sums up what they sound like:
"Sundowner was a bunch of friends who got together in the late 90's to play the music they liked (and had listened to for a decade); putting their energy into something that was honest, hard-hitting, and emotional without being whiny. Hardcore the way it should be."

Bullet Gone Astray from the split 7"

Kiss Your Daydreams Goodbye (2001)
01. Kiss Your Daydreams Goodbye
02. Forever Ended Yesterday

The Last Forty Seconds/Sundowner (2001)
01. The Last Forty Seconds - Tristessa
02. The Last Forty Seconds - ...And Never Let Go
03. Sundowner - Bullet Gone Astray
04. Sundowner - Innocent By-Stander

Sundowner (1999)
01. Collision
02. Devotion
03. Northfield
04. Adventures In The Suburbs
05. Irony Of Monrovia
06. Blank Pages
07. Ritual
08. Trainstation

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  1. Thanks so much for posting that Sundowner 7". I only have it on vinyl and am too stupid to transfer it into mp3's. Also thanks for all your kind words about the bands I've been in. They are much appreciated!
    Marianne Hofstetter