Friday, January 20, 2012

Portraits Of Past

Everyone should know Portraits of Past. Portraits of Past is a band from the San Francisco Bay Area, California and were active between 1993 and 1995, and got back together in 2008 again. The early material was straight forward emo hardcore punk, while the later material could be classified as what we now call screamo. Either way, this band is the definiton of how passionate music can be.

The band recorded two demo tapes. One of these you can download below. Note that I've busted my ass off to split the songs and identify their song names with the aid of lyrics floating around the web. Two of these demo songs appeared on the split 7" with Bleed, and another song appeared on the Stealing The Pocket complilation. Portraits of Past then released their s/t LP which is also referred to as 0100101110100011100100100. This is definitely their best work, and can be seen as an essential record in the history of screamo. There is also an exclusive song (Stick Together) on the Some Ideas Are Poisonous compilation, which you can find here on War Wounds. After reforming, the band released a four-song 12" in 2009.

Former members of the band later formed Nexus Six, Seventeen Queen, The Audience, Funeral Diner, Vue, … Who Calls So Loud, Bellavista and Tamaryn.

Bang Yer Head from the s/t LP

Cypress Dust Witch (2009)
01. Fire Song
02. Cypress Dust Witch
03. Through To An End
04. Cypress Dust Witch II - Bridge

Portraits Of Past (1996)
01. KQED Equals Volvo
02. Bang Yer Head
03. The Control Freak
04. Implications Of A Sinkhole Personality
05. The Outlook Is Bleak
06. Snicker Snicker
07. Something Less Than Intended

Portraits Of Past/Bleed (1993)
01. Portraits Of Past - Journeyman
02. Portraits Of Past - A Known Place
03. Bleed - Mr. Elliot
04. Bleed - Past-Tense Hero

Demo (1993)
01. Journeyman
02. NYC
03. A Known Place
04. The Song With The Slow Part
05. Stiff Upper
06. Bleed
07. Bent Up

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