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Neil Perry

Neil Perry was a screamo/emo violence band from New Jersey that formed in 1998. The band steadily released new material in their existence until 2002, mostly on Level Plane Records (which is an indicator that the music is good, right?!). This is personally a favourite band of mine when it comes to violent screamo. I think they're one of the few emo violence bands that actually have a diversity in sound on records.

Members went on to, or were involved with, Hot Cross, The Now, Superstitions of the Sky, Joshua Fit for Battle, You and I, Welcome the Plague Year, Track Of Monarchs, A Life Once Lost, Interpol etc.

Millions Lost At The Penny Arcade from the split LP with Joshua Fit For Battle

Neil Perry/A Days Refrain (2002)
01. A Days Refrain - Forces Of Habit
02. A Days Refrain - District Eleven
03. A Days Refrain - Don't Fake The Funk
04. Neil Perry - Looking Back At How You Want To Be In The Future
05. Neil Perry - Fading Away Like The Rest Of Them
06. Neil Perry - Sorry For The Misunderstanding, Mr. Watts. It Won't Happen Again

Picture Disc (2002)
01. Becoming What You Hate
02. Another Trip To Baltimore
03. Igor, My Girlfriend Dumped Me, Let's Write Sad Songs
04. Tom Cruise Turns To Me And Says
05. Improve Jam 2: Take 1

Neil Perry/Kaospilot (2002)
01. Neil Perry - Breathing With One Bad Lung
02. Neil Perry - There's A Fine Line Between Thrift Store And White Trash
03. Neil Perry - A Friend Is A Lesson To Be Learned
04. Kaospilot - 16.6.2000
05. Kaospilot - The Noise From The Bell Killed Me

Neil Perry/A Satellite Crash (2001)
01. Neil Perry - The Will Come Soft Rains
02. Neil Perry - You Can't Fight Jose Cuervo And Win
03. Neil Perry - Don't Even Try To Start A Honda Accord While It's In Drive
04. Neil Perry - Bluebook Bedtime Story
05. Neil Perry - Trips To Baltimore
06. Neil Perry - Friends That Fuck
07. Neil Perry - Luc Fucked The Prom Queen
08. Neil Perry - When My Favorite Sports Team Loses It Makes Me Want To Hit My Girlfriend
09. Neil Perry - If This Is A Show About God, I'm Going To Kill U Mauro
10. A Satellite Crash - El Chupacabras
11. A Satellite Crash - I Renounced My Citizenship
12. A Satellite Crash - Spectre Of Monroe
13. A Satellite Crash - Love Song For J. Alfred Prufrock
14. A Satellite Crash - Native Son
15. A Satellite Crash - New Domino Theory

Brothers From Different Mothers (2001)
01. Neil Perry - Millions Lost At The Penny Arcade
02. Neil Perry - I Wanna Talk To Samson
03. Neil Perry - Yes Officer My Name Is Mister Hermitowich And I Did Sell These Boys A Gazebo (AKA Beijon Dip Song)
04. Neil Perry - Improve Jam 1: Take 1
05. Neil Perry - Shit Blows Up...It's So Good
06. Joshua Fit For Battle - To Bring Our Own End
07. Joshua Fit For Battle - Soldiers Of Psychological Warfare
08. Joshua Fit For Battle - Dedication (12 Clicks)
09. Joshua Fit For Battle - All Hail King Majority
10. Joshua Fit For Battle - Destroying From The Inside Out Kinda Like Cancer
11. Joshua Fit For Battle - Ode To Jack Kevorkian

The Chilling Tales Of Usurp Synapse As Told By Neil Perry (2000)
01. Usurp Synapse - Come And Get It Mole
02. Usurp Synapse - Doin' The Backwards
03. Usurp Synapse - We Shoot From The Hip
04. Usurp Synapse - Live It! Live It!
05. Usurp Synapse - Here's $100 Seniorita
06. Usurp Synapse - Keith Sweat
07. Neil Perry - Sept 15, City Lights And The Clouds That Suck Them Dry
08. Neil Perry - I Bought This Southern Rap Compilation And All I Got Was This Lousy High Hat
09. Neil Perry - Josh's Dream Party: Beer, Girls, And A Computer

Neil Perry (1999)
01. The Last Sip Is 90% Spit
02. Short-Haired Metal
03. Oh Shit
04. Catalyst
05. Moira
06. Elvis (Wears Nikes)
07. Fuck You
08. There Was Definitely A Point When The Victim Passed Out... Then The Killer Kicked Him
09. I'm Sad For You

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