Sunday, January 1, 2012

Navio Forge

Navio Forge was an emotional hardcore band from California. In their very short existence, the band released one LP and played two shows in total. I think what's outstanding is the vocalist Sean Lynwood. I've hardly heard such desperate vocals. Mike Kirsch was involved in the band too; not only on the guitar but also with strong background vocals. Bassist Aaron Arroyo is remarkable too with his amazing work for the band's sound. The LP is heavy, desperate, beautiful, heartfelt, wild, dynamic, angry. In my opinion it's a perfect representation of the emotional hardcore movement in the 90's. This is definitely a must-have for everyone that's fond of emo.

Members were also involved in: Admiral, Black River Mafia, Torches To Rome, Sawhorse, Fuel, John Henry West, etc.

Haloed Eyes from the LP

As We Quietly Burn A Hole Into... (1993)
01. Hate Machine
02. Yellow And Fed
03. Manufactured Images Of Jesus Christ
04. Weaponizing
05. A Hole Into
06. Haloed Eyes

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