Saturday, January 21, 2012

Jeromes Dream

 Jeromes Dream were an influental Connecticut-based screamo/emo violence band that was active between 1997 and 2001. The band had a unique vocal style - singer Jeff Smith opted not to use a microphone while performing live, instead screaming unamplified at the top of his lungs. The band was known for playing very short sets, usually no longer than 10 minutes. According to Smith, they thought 10 minutes was all they needed to get their point across.

The band's second full length album, Presents, featured a drastic change in vocal style, abandoning the raw screams of their earlier work in favor of a talk-singing style filtered through an effects processor. This stylistic shift was rumored to a product of vocal cord damage sustained by their singer from the repeated strain of performing. However, Smith cites an anecdote in which while recording with Orchid his voice cut off and he passed out in the recording booth. Afterward, they changed their style overall.

Live at Munoz Gym, Bakersfield, California (2000)

Jeromes Dream/The One AM Radio (2000)
01. Jeromes Dream - Untitled Number Two
02. The One AM Radio - Cast/Away

Presents (2000)
01. This Is For Baby Fat
02. What Other Adjective Would You Have Me Use For The Word Good?
03. Do We Write To Write Right?
04. True Thinkers Will Stop Time To Think
05. Who's The Snifter Lifter?
06. Rock Song
07. His Life Is My Denim Paradise All Day, Every Day
08. Double Who? Double You!
09. 35

An Aspirin, An X-Ray (2000)
01. Jeromes Dream - Remember The Sea Of Tranquillity
02. Jeromes Dream - Taking Care Of Terrific
03. Jeromes Dream - What I Learnt At This Years Regional Optometry Convention
04. Usurp Synapse - Untitled I
05. Usurp Synapse - Untitled II
06. Usurp Synapse - Untitled III
07. Usurp Synapse - Untitled IV

Jeromes Dream/Orchid (2000)
01. Jeromes Dream - It's Right Where You Said It Would Be
02. Jeromes Dream - I'm Reminded Of A Kid Who Used To Stomp Bugs
03. Jeromes Dream - A Well Documented Case Of Severe Autism
04. Jeromes Dream - My Most Recent Left Brain Argument
05. Orchid - New Ideas In Mathematics
06. Orchid - Beautification Committee
07. Orchid - Ding Dong Dead
08. Orchid - Mono Vs. Stereo

Seeing Means More Than Safety (2000)
01. A Second Grade Art Project
02. And Just Like That The Year Is Gone
03. Exit 29 Collapsed As I Drove By
04. The Monologue Of The Century
05. Life Is What You Make Of It
06. The Teacher Says To His Pupil
07. Just Down The Hall From Room 526
08. They're Always So Quick To Judge
09. It's More Like A Message To You
10. A Present For Those Who Are Present

Jeromes Dream/The Book Of Dead Names (1999)
01. Jeromes Dream - The Big Fuck You
02. Jeromes Dream - I Won't Stop Wondering Until I Stop Breathing
03. The Book Of Dead Names - The Skin Is Coming Off
04. The Book Of Dead Names - How To Write An Obituary For Your Teenager

Jeromes Dream/July (1999)
01. Jeromes Dream - Thirty Dollar Bill
02. July - Untitled

Jeromes Dream/Amalgamation (1998)
01. Jeromes Dream - Everyday At 3:06
02. Jeromes Dream - The Last Time We Talked
03. Amalgamation - This Song Is For Me
04. Amalgamation - As I Slip Into Roles


  1. Can you re-upload The One AM Radio split please?

    I can't find it in entirely web! My last try before go to soulseek for a 128kbps rip...

    Thanks in advance.

  2. I fixed it. Something went wrong with the links, thanks for the hint!