Thursday, January 5, 2012

Inso Grey

Now a real hidden gem: Inso Grey, a female-fronted emotional hardcore band from Michigan that existed between 1995 and 1996. There is literally no information about the band on the internet, apart from the a blog entry here that was written by a close friend of the band. The band recorded a demo and somewhen in 1996 they decided to break up. They had an offer by Anima Records to do a 7" but that didn't happen. However, they delivered two songs from the demo to the Food Not Bombs Benefit Record, which I posted here already. Musically, this band blows me away. I'm normally excited to explore female-fronted bands and Inso Grey are really good. Here's how I'd describe them: Throw in some of Anomie's passionate emo (or generally the typical French emo from the 90's), some Indian Summer and some Saetia. Oh, and the picture above is from the compilation's booklet.

Lying Vines from the demo

Demo (1995)
01. Lying Vines
02. Track 02
03. Sore Arms
04. Brother Song
05. Track 05
06. BBQ
07. Track 07

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