Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Far Apart

Another band from Sweden - Far Apart from Lulea. The band formed in 1995 and disbanded in 1999. During these 5 years they released a three-song 7" and a split 7". Far Apart were supposed to release a full-length but broke up beforehand.

I normally suck at describing bands, that's why I'll quote Carcrash Records' description:
"This Luleå, Sweden based band play heavy fuzzed-out rock n' roll (dare we use the modern version of the term "emo"?"). You can clearly hear influences from bands like; Jimmy Eat World, Quicksand, Superchunk, Fugazi and Hum. Altogether it is awesome flowing melodic poprock. Catchy and infectious songs that makes it's way quickly into your brain and never comes out."

Hazel from the Hazel 7"

The John Doe Band/Far Apart (1998)
01. The John Doe Band - Some Causes
02. The John Doe Band - At The Kerb
03. Far Apart - Competitive Excuse

Hazel (1997)
01. Hazel
02. Dartmouth
03. Overdriver

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