Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anger Is Beautiful

Anger Is Beautiful was a Germany-based emo violence/screamo band that existed in the late 90's and early 00's. Members had played in Degarne and later went on to play in Men In Search Of The Perfect Weapon. The music is chaotic and intense, and can be compared to artists such as Orchid, Neil Perry, Jeromes Dream and so on. The lyrics deal with homophobia, sexism, racism etc.

Narr from the Anger Is Beautiful 10"

Racebannon/Zann/Anger Is Beautiful (2001)
01. Racebannon - The Myth Of Monogamy
02. Anger Is Beautiful - Angst
03. Zann - Maschine Mensch

Anger Is Beautiful (2000)
01. Ignorant
02. Metamorphose
03. Kälte
04. Mord
05. Narr
06. Ge:schlecht
07. Werkzeug

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