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Undone was a influental French emotional hardcore band and can be considered to be the first band in this genre in Europe. They formed in 1991 and put out various releases in their existence until 1997. Ideologically as well as musically, the band could have been in the roster of Ebullition Records. They mixed chaotic tempos, quiet intros and bombastic crescendos with impassioned screaming vocals.

Christophe (drums, founder of Stonehenge Records) was also involved in Finger Print and Jasemine along other bands. Stéphane (bass) was involved in Ananda and Carmina.

Out Of Me from the Dark Future LP

The Other Side (1996)
01. I Would Do Much More
02. Our Silence Kills
03. I'm Happy You're Dead
04. The Other Side

Dark Future (1995)
01. Out Of Me
02. My Nothingness
03. The Sleeping Beauty
04. Resignation
05. Dark Future
06. Ashamed
07. Oppressed
08. Leave
09. Under Their Flag
10. Witness

Undone/Shatter The Myth (1994)
01. Shatter The Myth - Non-additif
02. Shatter The Myth - Liens
03. Undone - My Nothingness
04. Undone - Oppressed

Undone (1994)
01. Loud Silence At Home
02. Under Their Flag
03. New Sense
04. Truthful Lies

Demo (1993)
01. Intro Song
02. We Don't Fit In
03. Machines
04. No Common Points
05. We Got Vibed
06. But You Love Religion

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