Friday, December 30, 2011

Various Artists - Reconstruction

"Nous pouvons le faire nous-même" - We have to do it ourselves. This was the tagline for this compilation put out in 1994 by Stonehenge Records (which I consider to be the European pendant to Ebullition Records) in cooperation with the Ras L' Bol fanzine.

Reconstruction is, obviously, about reconstructing. But reconstructing what? Punk rock. It's about remembering what punk rock stands for. At that time, the label felt that many bands were sell-outs and wanted to make profit. So what's the difference between punk rock and rock'n'roll bands then? There is none. Punk rock is not about selling out and making profit. It's more than just music, it's about sharing ideas and changing things. This compilation also stands for DIY.

The bands on this compilation deliver exclusive songs. There's something for the fans of emotional hardcore (Finger Print, Undone, Vanilla, Ivich etc.), a little bit for the grind fans (Ultimate Disorder, Co-Exist) and a little for the crust fans (Autonomia Indigena). Some songs are poorly recorded and/or mastered.

VA - Reconstruction (1994)
01. Ivich - Poison pilote
02. Sea Shepherd - Burnt Alive
03. Thrill Of Confusion - Execution
04. Ultimate Disorder - Nihilisme
05. Ultimate Disorder - Errance
06. Finger Print - Choix
07. Escape - Raz-de-marée
08. Autonomia Indigena - No a la smisiõn
09. Shatter The Myth - Position
10. Cause & Effect - Lonely
11. Undone - Fallacy
12. Co-Exist - Héros à tort
13. Vanilla - Above The Sea

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