Friday, December 30, 2011


Rachel were a band that was active towards the end of the 90's emo hardcore movement in France. However, this does not mean they were copycats. I think these recordings are awesome, raw and melodic, although the recording quality is a bit crappy. The three-way split can be found here.

Members were also invovled in Peu Être, Carther Matha and Alcatraz.

Dépendance from the 3-way split CD

Last Songs (2001)
01. L'école de la vie
02. Schisme
03. Au nom de tous les miens
04. Ma nature tome II

Demo #2 (1997)
01. Untitled I
02. Untitled II
03. Untitled III
04. Untitled IV
05. Untitled V
06. Untitled VI
07. Untitled VII

Demo (1995)
01. Pression d'affection
02. L'éveil
03. Dépendance
04. Ma volonté 16/12
05. Course à la vie
06. Ainsi soit-il
07. Le sang du peuple
08. Seul
09. Ma nature
10. Racheep
11. Kazoo

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